Burcu's vocal journey began at the age of five, discovering that singing came naturally to her. Since then, her greatest joy in life has been making discoveries on music through improvisation, and sharing it with her audience. Growing up in the hub of Ankara, Turkey, Burcu was exposed to Turkish folk, traditional and varied Turkish music. She performed live over Turkish National Radio Television and many international Jazz festivals, spreading her voice all across Turkey.

At the same time, she explored child development and education and graduated from Hacettepe University. Following this, she worked with deaf and hard of hearing children, instilling a new sense of purpose and appreciation for diversity in all things. With diversity comes growth, and in her search for new growth, Burcu has graduated from Berklee College of Music and completed her Master's  degree in Contemporary Improvisation at the New England Conservatory in Boston.  Over the course of these studies, Burcu has traveled the United States, performing at festivals, getting involved with artistic projects, and growing herself and her repertoire. Burcu's music ranges from that classic Turkish of her childhood, to the various styles across the middle East and Asia minor, Jazz, Improvisation, and electronic music. By drawing from the vast experiences of her life, Burcu's use of music seeks not just to entertain, but to educate, challenge, and spread diversity. In a world filled with strife, acceptance of diversity is sorely needed, and Burcu delivers.

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